Clinic Tour

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Our reception team will make you feel like one of the family!

Best veterinary medicine

We practice the best veterinary medicine possible.

Team Members

Here are a few of our exceptional team members.

Dental Suite

We have a dental suite with state of the art equipment. This allows La Jolla Veterinary Hospital to provide the best dental care for our precious pets.

Surgery Suite

While our surgery suite is used for routine procedures such as spays and neuters, we also provide specialty surgery procedures such as orthopedic surgeries and many other intensive procedures. We call the surgery suite "The Dolores Sluhlmann Surgery Suite." It was named after Dr. Breher's grandmother who contributed to the remodel of our facility.

Caring staff members

More of our outstanding and caring staff members.

Our hospital

One of the many hallways in our hospital.

Boarding facility

A staff member enjoying some time with a guest in our boarding facility.

La Jolla Pet Resort

Our cats have their own private and quiet room in La Jolla Pet Resort. Give yourself some peace of mind while you're away and let our loving staff care for your precious kitty.

Kiss Your Dog

We have a few rules at La Jolla Pet Resort!

Spa facilty

We have a "hydro surge system" in our spa facilty that massages your dog while they receive a bath. While our grooming tub is used to bathe dogs and cats of all ages, we have just upgraded in order to help older animals feel more comfortable while receiving any spa services.

Our own line of shampoo

La Jolla Pet Resort uses our own line of shampoo to ensure the best quality spa treatment for all spa guests.

Kennels in La Jolla Pet Resort

A walkway thru some of our kennels in La Jolla Pet Resort.

Wonderful doctors

Our three wonderful doctors. From left to right, Dr. Marilyn Seals, Dr. Lidja Gillmeister and Dr. Julie Breher.